About turkmen.news

Turkmen.news (the successor to Alternative Turkmenistan News) is an independent news and human rights organization, founded in 2010. In 2014 we were registered as a public organization in the Netherlands.


Our main aim is to contribute to improving life for the people of Turkmenistan. We have many targets for improvement: living conditions, welfare, and the opportunity for all to realize their potential.

We are not alone in thinking life could be so much better for the citizens of our country – they could have competent medical care at home in Turkmenistan, get into university or college through their own knowledge and not bribes, and be confident of receiving a good education. Our people should have access to clean drinking water, travel on excellent roads, work and receive a decent wage for their labor. Turkmen citizens should be able to live and work in any corner of our country, and be free to leave it and return without facing any obstacles, as is everyone’s sacred right.

Who is behind turkmen.news?

Strategic decisions in turkmen.news are taken by the organization’s Board in accordance with Dutch legislation. At present the Board consists of three people, who are all concerned citizens of Turkmenistan.

The members of the Board are specialists in different areas and bring their knowledge, experience, and skills to turkmen.news. We are united by our love of Turkmenistan and the desire to make our homeland a little better. None of the Board members receive a salary, fee or other benefits from turkmen.news. They take part in regular online conferences and provide invaluable assistance to turkmen.news on a purely voluntary basis. The Board delegates the day-to-day management of turkmen.news to its director – Ruslan Myatiev.

How do we want to achieve positive change?

We seek to achieve our aims by exchanging information with the inhabitants of Turkmenistan. When we have hard evidence and real-life examples of official corruption and abuse of power, it is easier to fight against it, and to encourage those responsible to tackle people’s problems properly, both in the cities and the villages, and to treat everyone in a fair and dignified manner.

It’s not a crime to speak the truth. We want our information to reach the country’s leaders, and we want the leaders to draw the right conclusions and act on them. We want to help the state serve the people.

Interested in joining us?

We are always looking for like-minded people. If you have something to say or share, write to us (secure ways of getting in touch with turkmen.news are given below). Help us improve our work, suggest new directions we could take. If you live in Turkmenistan and see problems or come up against them personally, send us the details, including photographs and any other documentation. We will definitely study your contributions, and use them in our work.

In no circumstances will turkmen.news reveal the identity of its sources!

Often we don’t know the real names of the ordinary people who write to us, while the majority of our correspondents have received training in the basics of journalism and of physical and digital security. Would you like to be our correspondent? Write to us via the secure channels given below.

Contact us:
Telephone: +31684654547 (for Telegram, Signal and WhatsApp – download them on Google Play or App Store)
E-mail: editor@turkmen.news

Support turkmen.news!

Maintaining a news website, producing video, translating content into English, and human rights advocacy all cost money. We pay our sources and reporters for their work and for the risk they take.

We are supported by private foundations and individuals (including in Turkmenistan!), but these funds are limited and provided for specific expenditure only. We need your help to produce more content, to make high-quality films, and to tell the people who need to know about the human rights situation.

You can make a donation via bank transfer (please contact us separately) or via PayPal. We will be grateful for any sum, and all the money we receive will go to support the work of turkmen.news.