Turkmen.news Seeks Management Associate

Turkmen.news is an independent news and human rights initiative established in 2010 and registered as a charity in the Netherlands in 2014. It is dedicated to promoting freedom of speech and the rule of law in Turkmenistan – one of the most closed and repressive regimes in the world. To successfully meet its goals outlined in the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan, turkmen.news is looking for a part-time Management Associate to fulfill the following tasks:

I           Terms of Reference:

Place within the organization:

  • Reports to the Director of turkmen.news;
  • Frequent cooperation with turkmen.news partner organizations and allies working in the same field.

Starting date: ASAP

Job Location: Anywhere in the world but preferably in Central Asia/Eastern or Central Europe. This is a home-based job, thus it assumes flexibility. However, the employee is required to inform supervisor in advance and in writing about his/her availability to complete the required working hours.

Contract term: 20 hours (negotiable) a week for 12 months (with possibility for extension upon performance). One full day a week (8 hours) is desired to spend solely for turkmen.news; the rest hours/week can be divided upon advance notification. Partially working on weekends is possible. Notice period is two weeks.

Contract value: Negotiable between $400-800/month depending on the person’s skills, passion and experience, place of residence and hours he/she will spend.

Fourteen calendar days (two weeks) of holidays are provided.

The employee is responsible to pay all taxes and other payments (e.g. social security, pension fund payments, etc.) required by the local law(s).

Contract remuneration is transferred to the employee’s bank account.

Holiday break requests must be submitted in writing at least 2 (two) weeks in advance. Holiday break can be split over the 12 months with advance (2-week) written notification.

Any duty travel expenses by the employee will be reimbursed separately by turkmen.news.

II         Overall Job Objective:

Execute administrative, fundraising and raising awareness processes of turkmen.news to meet the goals of the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan.

III        Responsibilities and Tasks:

Related to project support:

  • Assist the management in day-to-day project activities;
  • Draft/edit press-releases when needed;
  • Manage social media pages of turkmen.news, including updating its Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages with news posts in Russian and English (when necessary);
  • Find job openings and educational opportunities overseas (e.g. by subscribing to email alerts) for Turkmen citizens, and post them in a concise manner in Russian language on turkmen.news and social media pages;
  • Perform other related roles as asked by supervisor(s).

Related to fundraising:

  • Create and update a list of donors that fund (long-term) projects/organizations working in the field of press freedom, human rights and the rule of law in Central Asia and Turkmenistan in particular;
  • Track deadlines and donor requirements and submit relevant and timely project proposals/covers on behalf of turkmen.news upon consultation with supervisor(s);
  • Act as a liaison with prospective donors on the submission and consideration stage;
  • If application is successful, act as a project officer.

 Related to Administrative support

  • Assist the management in day-to-day administrative activities;
  • Draft terms of references (TOR), job descriptions (JD) and services contracts for future turkmen.news staff or Board members or consultants;
  • Manage travel/visa/hotel arrangements for staff when necessary.

IV        Contacts / Key Relationships:

  • Turkmen.news staff;
  • (Prospective) Donors;
  • Partners.

V         Requirements:

Experience and Qualifications:

  • Relevant education in management, communications, marketing, public relations, journalism or related field;
  • Work experience in an non-profit organization, especially related to public relations and fundraising;
  • Native on near native English speaker, native or near native Russian. Knowledge of Turkmen is an asset;
  • Strong computer skills with a focus on all Microsoft products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint); knowledge of photo/video editing software is an asset;

Personal Skills / Additional Information:

  • Superior research, writing and communication skills;
  • Awareness of Central Asian region (its issues in the field of human rights, media freedom and the rule of law) and Turkmenistan in particular;
  • Motivation and drive;
  • Highest level of personal and professional integrity.

For application: Send your CV and a short motivation letter in English to editor@turkmen.news. In your motivation letter tell us who you are, why you want to work for turkmen.news and how you will contribute to the organization. Successful candidates will go through a Telegram/Signal interview.