Turkmen.news Seeks to Promote Understanding and Respect by Creating Cartoons with a Social Message

Dear Readers, 

Turkmen.news has begun to produce and publish a series of short cartoons with a social message, but no political content. Our aim is to raise the cultural level of our compatriots and to foster mutual assistance, understanding, tolerance and respect. 

We called our first cartoon “The whole nation is judged on the actions of just one person,” as it portrays the behavior of some Turkmen students abroad. Sadly, such behavior isn’t an isolated occurrence and turkmen.news has already reported similar incidents.

The clips are made by a small team of aspiring animators, some of whom are citizens of Turkmenistan. They receive a modest fee for their work from turkmen.news’ own funds. We would like to produce more clips as we have plenty of ideas, but we need your financial support. If you would like to contribute to improving behavior and promoting common human values, write to us or donate via PayPal using the tag “For cartoon production.”

You can also help by sharing the clips on social networks.

We will present a new clip to you next week. If you have specific ideas, do share them with us in the Comments section or by clicking on the Contact Us button. We hope you’ll like our first cartoon!